We have established long-term
value-creating partnerships

The Companies We Designed



We position the benefits arising from cooperations of strong SME manufacturers in Turkey in order for all our strategic partners to obtain the maximum benefit , and we want to be a strategic partner providing the high benefit in Turkey and in the world.

By positioning in the neighboring countries , especially in Africa countries whose purchase motivation from Turkey is high, we are developing the market and realizing the commitment and trade projects.



Sustainable, effective and effective results have become inevitable goals when it comes to being a brand in the dazzling world of rapidly developing technologies. Today, people or institutions; to achieve their goals, should use the most appropriate instruments in a measurable and scalable manner and in the most accurate, fastest and easiest way possible.

In all kinds of revenue generating or supporting operations such as strategic marketing, brand management and sales activities; we design sustainable models with the functionality of appropriate and correct theories to ensure sustainable development, efficient business management, balanced income and benefit increase.



We are inspired to employ our innovations to make people’s life happier & safer, enable them to get things done easier & faster and reassured them that our earth’s resources are being used wisely & effectively.

We will continue striving to build our unique ecosystem of technology leaders and innovators of the Smart Services industry to furnish our clients in the targeted markets with the latest technology innovations & integrations of the industry.

A1 Mining


A1 Mining creates value by maintaining the balance of time and costs in all of its lump and concentrated ore production, metals and scrap trading processes.

A1 Mining manages all business processes of ore and mineral products necessary to improve, sustain and develop our lives and transform their resource use into efficient.


We provide the necessary financing and partnerships for A1gim projects to achieve the value it deserves, and strive to transform feasible business projects into a global brand.

As A1 Group, we represent investments and projects in national and international markets developed with the A1gim approach in commercial, financial and legal aspects, while respecting local culture and values, we act with an understanding of fair sharing, fidelity and lasting unity.


We create solutions as a structure that provides reliable and high quality partnership to meet the international transit trade needs of its strategic partners, and which can built it correctly, thus producing maximum benefit with minimum risk.

By using the facilities provided by the Dubai RAK Free Zone, we are facilitating, building and operating many international transit trade with our accounts that can conduct international banking transactions in different countries.


We are a functional distribution channel that presents SMEs' goods and services in Turkey to the global markets through digital marketing platform we have established, so we aim to contribute to them to reach to the new customers easily and to provide growth.

Thanks to the nature of ERP software we have developed with our own resources, we are simplifying the access to goods and services producers in Turkey and the process of getting a quote and purchase.


We are the Turkey's first private sector heavy industry production facility on the way to becoming a stable manufacturer who produces the low carbon FERROCHROME in the highest standards which is a requirement for the iron and steel industry.

Andronova is structured by closely following the developments in the field of metallurgy in the globalizing world and we regularly conduct R & D to obtain more qualified products.


We are an organization ensuring local and international partners in Turkey to have the correct legal, commercial and financial structuring , reflecting its strong financial structure, and producing the solutions with minimal risks as well.

We are interested in the investment opportunities in the market, we make feasibility related to them, we interpret them with common wisdom and make the opportunities visible, and when necessary, we make efforts to implement them for realization